3-23-2017  Very nice Empire Radio interview with Mchael David.   https://empireradionow.com./jeanene-kleidon/-3-23-17-psychic-medium/

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For the last 30 years or so I have had the amazing gift of speaking to a group of spiritual teachers that speak through Jeanene, an extremely clear and talented medium.   I am able to ask any questions I want and all are answered with serene patience, love and a complete explanation of whatever I have asked.

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The quality of your life is important! Peace, abundance & fulfillment are available to ALL. Learn how to incorporate the Universal Laws of Attraction into YOUR plan!

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Everybody has questions of a spiritual nature.  Getting the answers is our special gift.  We contact Enlightened Spirits so you can ask them directly for the answers that are pertinent to you


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